Food blog?

Hey guys! So it’s been over two weeks since I last wrote on here. Mainly because even though I have so many ideas, I’ve been struggling with what type of content I want to post. However, while prepping my Saturday night dinner (which I will most likely post about tomorrow) I thought maybe food blogging would be a step in the right direction. I follow so many amazing food bloggers, and am always inspired to try out new recipes so why not share it on here too? Of course that’s not all I’m going to post about but for now it’s a start! If any of you have any recommendations on recipes to try, bloggers to follow (on here, Instagram or Twitter) give me a shout I’d love to become part of the community!


The Good Stuff

Happy new year! I made this blog a while ago but I’ve decided 2018 is the year I put more focus on it and try to create things I’m proud of (it’s been a while). As the title says, this post is gonna be about The Good Stuff. The stuff that I’m happy to say I did in 2017, and the stuff that will hopefully fill my 2018. Originally I didn’t feel like I’d accomplished much in 2017, so I made a list month by month of all the good things that have happened in the past year so here it is.


I started my year off getting good grades for all of the uni work I had submitted before Christmas. I got firsts for my essays, and 2:1s for my practical work – which I was pretty proud of considering I wrote my essays last minute and not every week like we were asked.. Also, my lecturer forgot my surname so on my grades I was named Carrie Fisher.. I’m not complaining.

F E B R U A R YIMG_6531.jpg

This month was my first Valentines day with my boyfriend, and I was stuck at university feeling a bit down that we couldn’t see each other. I went shopping with a friend, and when I got back to my flat Josh had surprised me. He was there with flowers and chocolates! It was perfect. I then got to photograph one of my favourite bands, Little Comets and their support artists at Cambridge Junction and it was fab.

M A R C HIMG_2576.jpg

In March, I was finally diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety. This sounds more like a low for this month but it felt so good to finally have a diagnosis. I didn’t and still don’t want to hide behind the illness, but I could finally tell myself I wasn’t just being stupid for feeling differently to other people. I started anti-depressants.

A P R I LIMG_2813.jpg

April was a bittersweet month, I moved back home from university and realised I didn’t think staying on would be the right thing for me to do. I re-decorated my bedroom and got new furniture and just made a haven for myself in the middle of everything that was stressing me out. This month I got loads of quality time with friends and family.

M A YIMG_3253.jpg

I got a job! It felt like I was finally getting some independence back and not letting my mind stop me from doing things. I started being creative again – I made Josh a scrapbook about us for his birthday in June.

J U N EIMG_4107.jpg

Celebrated Josh’s birthday in style in Rome, with our friend also named Josh. We stayed in a lovely air bnb on the outskirts of the city, and saw all the sights. The heat was sweltering at around 36 degrees on the hottest day, I think I alone probably drunk half of Rome’s water supply. It was such a happytime, I loved being with my faves in such a beautiful place.

J U L YScreen Shot 2018-01-05 at 14.24.05.png

Spent July working and having fun. Josh and I celebrated our first anniversary, by way of shopping, food, bowling, arcades, pool and cinema! It was amazing. We then took a trip to one of my favourite places, Brighton for a few days. Here we spent time with my Brother, Sister-in-law and little nephew, Linus. We went trampolining in the garden of the beautiful house they rented while in the UK. I blew giant bubbles while Linus ran around with a foam sword popping them all, and I rolled him into a duvet burrito on many occasions.

A U G U S TIMG_6899.jpg

This by far was my busiest month. At the beginning of the month, I photographed my first wedding. My cousin got married and I had so much fun celebrating, and capturing the day in beautiful images. My brother and Linus got the train up for the day to see my mum as she hadn’t been able to make it to Brighton. We had family time with both of my nephews together!

This month I also celebrated my 21st birthday, Josh and I went camping in a beautiful privately owned campsite. We set up the tent in the middle of an opening between lots of trees and had a campfire and smores, pub dinners and scrambled eggs on the stove for breakfast. We traveled the area in the day, and went to the beach nearby – where we had THE best fish and chips. I found some sunflowers (my favourite flower), picked pears and blueberries from the campsite garden and then we came home to a beautiful handmade cake from my mum.. this is a big deal because she never bakes.

I went ice skating with Josh and his family, well I didn’t really go.. I spent about 2 seconds on the ice and gave up. But it was nice to see Josh in his natural habitat – HOW DOES HE DO IT?!?

At the end of the month, my mum, sister & her boyf, nephew and I flew to Spain to spend a week in a mountainside villa with a pool and had the most relaxing time in the sun.

 S E P T E M B E RIMG_5293.jpg

I booked afternoon tea for me and my mum! I’dnever been before and it was lovely. (Check out Bougee in Bury St Edmunds if you’re ever around, it’s a different take on the normal afternoon tea).

     O C T O B E RIMG_5608.jpg

Finally I went to visit my best friend Daniela at university in Coventry (she’s in the third year, I’m a bad friend) We had fun chilling, talking and wandering. We spent a day in Birmingham, and it was a lot nicer than I was expecting. I saw The Addams Family musical in Milton Keynes theatre. SO AMAZING. I was going to go with my sister, but she had an accident and had just had surgery so she gave the ticket to Josh and it was a nice, different date night.

 N O V E M B E RIMG_5993.jpg

Celebrated a friends birthday with loads of other friends over dinner, two 28″ pizzas! Went for an evening at the beach, where we just played arcade games and won so many tickets we had a carrier bag full of sweets by the end of the night.
Feeling inspired by lots of artists, I began drawing again.
My big nephew, Josh turned 13! A TEENAGER?! We had a take away for dinner from the chip shop (his choice) and I baked him a cake made from cinnamon swirls as that’s what he asked for.

D E C E M B E R 2017-12-25 13_09_19.320.jpg
The final month of 2017 we had a couple of snow days, which made everything feel more christmassy and special. Christmas is one of my favourite times just because I love buying / making thoughtful gifts and then giving them to the people I love – and I also receiving them! (who doesn’t?)

A couple of days before new year I decided to cut my hair short, I know my hairdresser will tell me off for this but I’d just had enough. It was around 1.30am, I put my hair in a ponytail and chopped it off. It could’ve gone badly, but it didn’t and I love it! I felt so free from myself looking down at all of the curls that were in my hand and on the floor. It sounds weird but it felt like as the new year was approaching, I showed myself I could take action in things and do stuff for myself.

Then finally, to round off the year I had a lovely day with my closest friends Daniela, Matt, Josh & Josh. We played games, ate pizza and saw the new year in together. Even if we did miss midnight, and celebrate at 12.02am.

Goodbye 2017, thanks for everything.