Why is it so tough to start a blog? I’ve been sitting here for days, writing down ideas and exploring a way to begin this all with this first post. The only thing I can think of is just to say Hello, I’m Carrie. Though I highly doubt anyone will read this.

Although I suppose if there is anybody reading, you’d want me to describe who I am and what kind of things will be appearing here. The truth is I don’t really know, I’m 21 and recently dropped out of university so I’m just figuring things out. I felt a blog would help by being a place to write down my thoughts, feelings etc. and just as somewhere I could take my mind off of things. I’m one of those people that thinks a lot more than I talk and writing is a way to help me get it out. If you know me in person, you probably think I look put together the majority of the time – trust me when I say I’m not. (Whilst I’m writing this, I’m eating microwave mac n cheese that’s so terrible I’ve smothered it in hot sauce to cope. Does that sound put together?) More often than not there’s a war going on inside my head and I spend a lot of my days feeling like I’m walking around in a haze, or that I’m not a real person. I’ll expand on this in a future post but I will also be sharing easy going, simple stuff too. Things like which shows I’ve been binge watching on Netflix lately, music I can’t live without and coming up to Halloween and Christmas some seasonal posts too. My favourite film genre is Horror so I love this time of year, and have some ideas already.

This is something I’ll enjoy so hopefully I can keep my motivation up to continue posting and turning it into a regular thing. Leave a comment and let me know a little bit about you too, I’d like some blogger friends!

Thanks for reading,